About us

We are company run by the third generation of a family of pharmacists with more than 50 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We have taken our first steps into organotherapeutic product marketing, and we export pharmaceutical products globally since the 80's.

We focus on comprehensive quality management by observing strict regulations and using tools for continuous improvement in order to provide the medical staff and their patients with quality in service of health.


We possess our own 2 production facilities for marketing in different countries in the world. In addition, we specialize in marketing and distribution of goods for international companies in the food industry.

Tuteur in pictures

Tuteur through time


Tuteur Opens its Doors

We started by marketing organotherapeutic products in our facility in the city of Luján, Buenos Aires province.


Export to Europe

Solid increase of raw material export for the pharmaceutical industry in France, Germany and Italy.


Niche Products

Release of the first medicinal products designed for high cost and low incidence diseases.



Joint venture with Teva, the biggest generic medication laboratory in the world.


New Trade Offices

More than 50 collaborators working in the new trade offices in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires city.


We are Tuteur

We acquired total share in Teva-Tuteur joint venture and became Tuteur.


Our Own Production Facility

We opened the facility for the manufacture of segregated oral solid products, with the quality control laboratory in Buenos Aires city.


Victoria Facility

We acquired the facility for the manufacture of non-segregated oral solid products in Buenos Aires province.


More than 120 Products Locally

Our own operations in 9 countries of Latin America.


We meet the health needs of people with highly complex pathologies, providing quality, innovation and accessible products and services.


  • Commitment
    We feel shared goals are our goals.
  • Collaborations
    We create bonds with others in order to build and grow together. The bases of our relationships are honesty and respect.
  • Solution Finding
    We strive to give flexible, quick and personalized answers.
  • Learning
    We treasure knowledge and consider a mistake as an opportunity to learn.
  • Innovation
    We come up with new and distinctive solutions.

Strategic Backbones

  • Be the first to meet the market needs.
  • Access new locations
  • Use competitive pricing
  • Develop efficient processes
  • Provide with a valuable comprehensive service to patients, doctors and community members.
  • Build strategic alliances with suppliers, representatives and distributors.

Where are we?

We function in different Latin American countries and own two production facilities in Argentina. Given our vast experience in the industry, we are able to adapt to the specific needs of each country.





Costa Rica

Dominican Republic










Here in Tuteur we meet the health needs of individuals with highly complex pathologies by providing quality products and a valuable comprehensive service to patients, doctors and members of the health community.

Committed Team

In order to achieve this, it is essential that both our actions and those of our interest group are led by transparency, responsibility and commitment to compliance good practices, as well as observing national and international regulations.

Our code of ethics and integrity program relies on principles, basic guidelines, rules and procedures which aim to prevent, identify and sanction activities that lie outside the established norms.

Based on our mission, values and strategic backbones, we follow a constant improvement program, in which we question our processes and daily work.

We are proud of who we are and what we do as a team, committed to maintaining high standards of behavior and service, delivering a professional and efficient setting to work in and always willing to improve for the sake of excellence.